Window cleaning


Window cleaning is a specialist cleaning service that requires the capability to manage not only the client’s service requirements but also the constraints imposed by the building’s construction, environmental controls and occupancy. Pro-Clear self-delivers commercial window cleaning services in Blackburn and Accrington alongside several associated cleaning and support services to its clients. Our window cleaning services range from periodic cleans of small office accommodation through to intensively cleaned large corporate offices, retail and leisure facilities.

Modern buildings, particularly high rise offices now make extensive use of glass within the architectural design and therefore demand specialist window cleaning solutions. The integration of management and delivery of window cleaning services is becoming a key part of an occupier’s strategy for their premises’ overall cleaning solution. A professionally managed window cleaning solution can help protect a company’s corporate image and reputation by enhancing the appearance of its premises and creating a great environment for staff and visitors. Allowing unrestricted natural light into the workplace, through regularly cleaned windows provides the workforce with a brighter environment. We are also a commercial window cleaner in Preston and Southport.